Washing Plant Exported In Sri lanka Market

The washing plant in Sri lanka market has a floor space of approximately 200 ㎡, processing capacity of 300 tons per hour, and has a full range of wet and dry process capabilities. It is fully equipped to solve the problems of large processing capacity unit time, high mud content sand, several particles processing at the same time and the can’t process muddy water and create process solutions to address the specific needs to meet the applications of customer and local market.

LDHB washing plant is a highly versatile and fully portable washing system that include typically washing, classifying, dewatering, desliming, sculting, fines recycling and muddy water purifying used during the process. Washing plants can handle single granular product, can also produce multiple up to 5 quality finished products, including washed aggregates and washed different particles sands. Materials is processed by the integrated sand screen, sand washer, sand screw, hydrocyclone separator, dewatering screen, slurry pump and thickener. For customers who are interested in producing quality graded products, sand washing plant can provide specific, efficient and cost effective solution to meet your needs, whether natural sand, crushed sand, aggregate, gravel, frac sand, river sand, sea sand, coal, mine, ore, tailing, and different size particles.

Equipment configuration: vibrating screen, sand washing machine, thickener and filter press


How does the washing plant work?

1. Feeding the crushed sand into vibrating screen for classifying, big granular part are forming stockpiles through the belt conveyor.

2. Feeding the part under screen mesh into sand washer machine to wash the ≤75 micron clay silt and dust out, the overflow slurry will be pumped into the cyclone to recycle the fine sand. After recycling, the waste muddy water overflows to return box, then storaged in a transfer pond through a pipe.

3. The muddy water will be extracted by pump to S-6000 thickener from the transfer pond, Thickener is a machine based on gravity and sedimentation making solid-liquid separate from each other by using chemical flocculant. Suspended solids settle down into bottom, while purified water flows away from overflow opening on the top of tank into clean water tank.

4. Muddy water are extracted by slurry pump to filter press, our two sets G250㎡filter press will alternant dewater solids the muddy water and form mud cake, while clear water flows to clean water tank.

5. The whole sand washing plant muddy water recycle rate can reach above 90% and no pollutation dischange.


Final effects of washing plant process

1. Thoroughly cleaned and dewatered high quality finished products
Mud content < 3%
Water content of finished products is as low as 12%-15%.
0.074-3mm fines can be recycled by hydrocyclone.

2. Muddy water used during the process can be purified and recirculared by thickener and filter press

3. Solid waste dry discharge and dry piles



With the years of continuous research and development, LDHB is the premier manufacturer and provider of washing plant and specific solutions for sand and other various materials. A professional engineering team is constantly improve equipment and research new products following demands, and can offer the most professional washing and water treatment solutions for customers. The service team will provide the most intimate services to guarantee the equipment installation and operation normally.

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