Self Maintenance Of Fine Sand Recovery Units

1.The output of the fine sand recovery system is suddenly reduced or sand leakage occurs. If it is found that the recovery of fine sand is significantly reduced or a small amount of sand is leaked, it is necessary to check whether the screen is broken or the bolts fixing the screen are loose. Then according to the situation, we can change the screen or fasten the bolts.

2.Too much noise at work. When the noise of the transmission part of the fine sand reclaimer becomes larger, it is usually the change of the gear spacing caused by the gear, or the damage of the bearing and the fracture of the sliding frame of the sieve plate. In this case, the former is usually solved by adding enough grease, adjusting the foundation bolts of the reducer and tightening them; the latter needs to replace the bearing or the sieve plate carriage.

3.Increased vibration of the frame. After the fine sand reclaimer works for a period of time, in the constant vibration, the bolt on the connecting frame is loose or the bolt on the bearing seat is loose, so the elimination method is to fasten the bolt and check it carefully.

4.The screen position swings laterally. This may be caused by the different angle of the eccentric blocks at both ends of the vibration source, or the uneven or damaged spring. At this time, the eccentric blocks at both ends of the vibration source can be adjusted in the same phase and angle, and the spring can be replaced or selected to solve the problem.


5.Material deviation during operation. The possible causes of material deviation are: 1) two motors operate in the same direction; 2) one motor is damaged. At this time, the following measures can be taken: 1) adjust any two-phase wiring of one motor to make two motors run in reverse; 2) replace the damaged motor.

6.The pump does not discharge water. When the pump does not discharge water, check whether the water inlet pipe is leaking or blocked, and then repair the leaking part or clean the blocked part.

7.Gearbox failure. If the fine sand reclaimer is not maintained in time and the shaft and the low-speed shaft of the reducer do not reach the specified parallelism, it is very easy to cause damage to the gear. Therefore, it is necessary to add oil and adjust it in time according to the specified time to make it operate normally.

8.The sealing ring is damaged. The damage or oil break of sealing ring is easy to cause bearing damage. The reason for this kind of fault is that there is no maintenance and cleaning for a long time, so it is necessary to refuel according to the regulations and replace the sealing ring in time.

9.The bearing is damaged. Bearing damage is a serious problem, which indicates that the equipment bearing has been cut off of oil or the seal ring has been damaged by unknown factors, or it may be caused by a long-term lack of repair and maintenance. The main troubleshooting method is to add oil or replace a new seal ring according to the regulations, and clean and maintain the bearing regularly.

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