River Dredging System

River dredging process is generally adopts a cutter suction dredger to absorb the muddy water mixture at the bottom of river, and then transport it along the pipeline to a sludge drying treatment field. After machine sorts the garbage mixed in mud, the mud is passed into the concentration tank in the field, and the mud water separation is carried out through the mud treatment system. Finally, water reaches the standard discharge, and the wet sludge is sent to sludge dewatering equipment to dehydrate and becomes solidified mud cake for reusing.

River dredging and dewatering system is mainly used for the separation of sludge from rivers. Dewatering treatment of river silt is the main obstacle of river dredging project. It is mainly composed of slurry pump, vibrating screen, mud purification machine, thickener, dosing system, and plate and frame filter press. Depending on the location of mud treatment and the performance requirements, different processes can be used in combination. According to different working conditions, the user can select part of the processing equipment and the processing level to meet the requirements of specific working conditions.



Main equipment

1. Slurry treatment system

2. Hydrocyclone separator+separator bracket

3. Slurry pump+motor

4. Internal piping and other accessories

5. Thickener

6. Filter press


How dredging is done?

Longding river dredging andd dehydration purification system work process:

1. Sludge enters sludge separation system from the dredging vessel or transition tank through vertical pump, firstly enters the lower screen surface of mud treatment machine

2. Removing debris and large solids(grass, roots, leaves, cans, plastic, rags and bottles, etc) through the vibrating sieve. This part of the separated particles is determined by the number of meshes selected.

3. The solids who is smaller than the mesh of vibrating screen fall into the slurry storage tank with mud, and then are pumped into the hydrocyclone separator through the internal slurry pump of mud processing machine.

4. The separator underflow enters the upper sieve plate of vibrating screen, and the fine sand in mud is sieved for discharge for other purposes.

5. The underflow water is pumped from the sewage pool into the thickener for sludge water separation operation. The filter tank treats about 80% of the tail water into clean water and then directly enters the clear water pool through the overflow port.

6. The concentrated mud passes through the bottom of the filter tank and is pumped into the plate and frame filter press. The filter press presses the concentrated mud into a mud cake to realize dry pile, landfill or other uses. After the filter press, the clean water enters the clear water tank to realize the recycling of clean water and zero discharge of the entire process.



1. Wide variety of processing range, low investment and high profit.

2. Can be widely used in the treatment of different channel sludge.

3. The separate cleaner water can be used directly for reusing.

4. The device is easy to install and requires a smaller footprint.

5. The purification system allows for automated operation and requires less labor.

6. Easy maintenance and requires less maintenance.

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